Icon Internet Banking



Icon Internet Banking Solution (IIBS) provides a link between Financial Services Institutions and one-on-one communication with your customer. It is specifically developed to make Internet banking personal and has been designed with your customers in mind.

The IIBS provides interactive, industry-leading features that make Internet banking an amazing experience for you and your customers, which enables you to build and maintain a strong digital presence.

The solution drives revenue through a fully integrated set of tools designed to optimize how your customers interact with their finances, and your bank online. It is a state-of-the-art resource which allows your customers perform their banking activities online, with banking solutions made available right at their fingertips. Both retail and corporate customers can experience a rich, secure and intuitive experience.
The range of solutions available under the Icon Internet banking includes the Retail Icon Internet Banking, the Corporate Icon Internet Banking, and Wealth Solutions. So here’s a question, how efficient would you be if you had a banking solution with zero theft/breaches, saves cost and time, and evolves with your changing demands?